A MineCraft Server For Catholics!

CatholiCraft Features

Modded Server

Catholicraft Newton is a modded server which runs our own custom modpack. Enjoy a lightly modded medieval and fantasy themed setting, with a focus on aesthetic building mods like Chisel & Bits. Craft working windmills, forge soulsteel, learn the magic of the Pigmen, farm exotic crops, and explore deep dungeons for treasure.

Newton ModPack

Vanilla Server

Coming soon! The original Catholicraft Vanilla server is upgrading to version 1.12. If you've been away from Minecraft for a while, version 1.12 is the version to get you back in the game! With a new crafting guide book, advancements, and a built-in tutorial mode, you'll never have to look at a wiki again. New blocks, parrots, and more! Get signed up to join us as soon as it re-opens!

Vanilla Server

Whitelist and Anti-Grief

Both our modded and vanilla servers are equipped with a player whitelist and anti-grief tools. The whitelist ensures that only players who agree to abide by our rules will get to play, and helps keep the atmosphere fun and respectful. Plugins on our servers allow you to claim your own protected areas in which nobody but you or your team-mates can open your chests or break your house. Even creeper explosions are disabled in protected areas. Apply to join our server!

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Server Staff


Server Administrator

Server Rules


Griefing, PVP & Pranks

Griefing is not permitted. Griefing includes stealing and the intentional or malicious destroying of items, blocks, pets, crops, or livestock in someone else's area. Griefing can get you temporarily or permanantly banned at the discretion of the server admins. PVP and pranking is allowed between two consenting players, but admins reserve the right to determine if your actions have gone too far, so use discretion. Keep things fun and respectful for all who play.


PG Rated

Players making sexual comments, signs, or builds will be banned. If you wouldn't want an eight year old to see it, it doesn't belong here! Taking our Lord's name in vain is not permitted, along with cursing. Political drama will also not be tolerated. We're here to game, and we play with both adults and kids. Keep it clean, keep it civil.



We come here to relax after a long day at school or work. We don't want to be inundated with items or ideas that you're selling. That's what the internet is for. Post it on Facebook or Twitter, and just keep this a fun and friendly gaming environment. We thank you ahead of time for your restraint.


Complaints or Ideas

Have you had issues with other players, or with the server itself? Do you have an awesome idea to make our server better? Let an admin know! We love suggestions!